UPDATED in 22-2-2024: Voluntary Communism? Of Chinese People, (old:±40%)(new:0%) would continue that, according to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE

Even though it is not the Majority of The People of China, it’s still ± 40%. (Out of 1,425,420,300 as of Wednesday, January 3, 2024, based on Worldometer.info elaboration of the latest United Nations data.) That’s ± 570,168,120 people, whom would continue with Community as a political form and that’s from people whom have been living within that system.

So, not the majority, still a significant large group of people.

That PEACE lets to be HOPED for, is an emergency situation.
Working together instead of being in competition with each other is the smart thing to do, to try to attain PEACE.

And while We’re not advocating that Communism in its’ current form is THE ANSWER, it’s still a fair try from Some at ‘The East’.
‘The West’ has had Community building efforts too, however instead of via politics, it was done mainly via non-profit organisations. And Folks, as you are probably aware… with Our Inherited Economical System, that did not pay the bills.

As you are probably aware, in the past, Ukraine was part of the former Soviet Union.
Even though Russia did not have the complete answer to Our Global situation, they were on to something too.
That Ukraine was released from the former Soviet Union, is not a reason to throw away Community as an Organisational form. Again, We are in an emergency situation with PEACE that lets to be HOPED for.

We believe that Our in August 2023 invented Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™, is the Golden Middle Way between “Free” Trade Economy and Political form Communism.


UPDATE 22 February 2024 ±12:28am CET: According to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, there would be no person at China who would voluntary choose Political form Communism, if they would know enough about the existence of Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ and that they could Internationally participate.