2024 Pivot to Dear Public C.S.R.?

“… engage with Dear Public The ‘COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™’-Way”

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Equality on the work floor? Living wages, instead of minimum wages?

Cleaner Air & Water?

100% Recyclable-friendly Products?

These may sound good and they probably are more than good, IF…

This “IF” is about something ALL PEOPLE HOPE for,
yet via a non-profit approach “IT’ has not been attained.

If you realise, recently there was an approximately 60% Job unavailability for All Employable People, biol. ages 15 and older.

Even though the non-profit approach has been a fair try and kept HOPE going, they could not provide those ± 1.8 Billion Jobs in demand.

Yes, ± 1.2 Billion Jobs were available for ± 3 Billion Jobs in demand,
and lets say it is fair that these Jobs in demand and even existing Jobs would ideally financially pay “Living wages”.

That non-profits could not create these ± 1.8 Billion Jobs is evidently clear. Like Companies, non-profit organisations also hire people, however most was done with volunteers. And those volunteers in general, still had to pay for: food, beverages, BodyCare, clothing, habitation, traveling etc.

The Money for those “volunteers”, to pay for biological necessities, had to come from somewhere. And whether it be from (part-time) Job salaries or Government Social Security, The Money came from Companies, whom generated financial income and paid salaries and taxes to Governments.

Now, Western Companies have mainly been in competition with each other, trying to gain market share, to appease share holders. That also meant that there was much focus on cutting financial costs, at the cost of Jobs (with Living wages).

Lets continue with what ALL PEOPLE HOPE and what it has to do with Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility?


IF there is PEACE, We can sure appreciate equality at work, a sustainable Planet with 100% recycle-friendly products.

We offer Enterprise & non-Enterprise Companies an opportunity to pivot to Publivity™ Corporate/Company Social Responsibility System.